George. A. Romero

»Wir werden alle sterben. Deshalb sind wir lebende Tote.«

Lebensdaten: * 4. Februar 1940

Chronologische Filmographie (Regisseur):

Night of the Living Dead
(USA 1968 / Durchschnitt: 8.7)

There´s always Vanilla
(USA 1971 / --)

Season of the Witch
(USA 1972 / Durchschnitt: 5.5)

The Crazies
(USA 1973 / Durchschnitt: 7.0)

(USA 1977 / Durschnitt: 8.0)

Zombie (Dawn of the Dead)
(USA 1978 / Durschnitt: 9.17)

Knightriders – Ritter auf heißen Öfen
(USA 1981 / 7.0)

Creepshow - Die unheimlich verrückte Geisterstunde
(USA 1982 / --)

 Zombie 2 - Day of the Dead
(USA 1985 / Durschnitt: 8.5)

Der Affe im Menschen
(USA 1988 / 7.0)

Two Evil Eyes (Gemeinschaftspojekt: Dario Argento)
(USA 1990 / --)

Stark – The Dark Half
(USA 1993 / Durschnitt: 6.5)

(USA 2000 / Durschnitt: 3.5)

Land of the Dead
(USA 2005 / Durschnitt: 7.83)

Diary of the Dead
(USA 2007 / Durschnitt: 7.0)

Survival of the Dead
(USA 2009 / Durschnitt: 7.17)



»I don’t get the torture porn films. They’re lacking metaphor.«

»I'm like my zombies. I won't stay dead!«

»The best horror films are the ones that are much less endowed.«

»My zombie films have been so far apart that I've been able to reflect the socio-political climates of the different decades. I have this conceit that they're a little bit of a chronicle, a cinematic diary of what's going on.«

»If one horror film hits, everyone says, "Let's go make a horror film!" It's the genre that never dies.«

»I'll never get sick of zombies. I just get sick of producers.«

»(On The Tales of Hoffman, his favourite movie) It was the filmmaking, the fantasy, the fact that it was a fantasy and it had a few frightening, sort of bizarre things in it. It was everything. It was really a movie for me, and it gave me an early appreciation for the power of visual media-the fact that you could experiment with it. He was doing all his tricks in-camera, and they were sort of obvious. That made me feel that, gee, maybe I could figure this medium out. It was transparent, but it worked.«

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